A company’s journey through time often goes by without us being aware of how many years have passed since its beginning. As a matter of fact, it is said that journey ought to be recorded, documented and published as a book periodically for later study or reflection. In cooperation with Project Community and support of several of our partners, Arkonin would like to present a recollection of our activities over the last 50 years – an effort that exceeds the scope of a mere company profile and calls for a presentation in book form.

Included are our finest works in the field of architecture, structural, mechanical,and electrical engineering, as well as construction management/supervision, reflecting the advancement of design from year to year since the establishment of Arkonin. We hope that the content of this book will prove our continuous commitment to deliver the most excellent works and services as a positive contribution to development in Indonesia and abroad.

We thank God the Almighty that with the vision and mission that we embrace and with the support of all our stakeholders, Arkonin is able to reach a level of achievement to be proud of: this is verified by the confidence of our clients, who continue to entrust us with their new projects. We have also been receiving the BCI Asia award from 009005- 009009 as well as various other honors, and succeed in winning several architectural design competitions.

Please allow me to acknowledge with gratitude and appreciation all parties who contributed towards the publishing of this book.

With best regards,

Achmad Noerzaman

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