After thousands of completed projects, covering millions of square meters, Arkonin has become one of the most respected and influential design and engineering firms in Indonesia. Arkonin’s vast experience includes offices, shopping centers, airports, transportation facilities, hotels, apartments, cultural centers, golf courses, sport and recreation facilities, industrial buildings, new town planning, urban design, as well as roads and bridges, water supply, sewerage and drainage systems, and traffic engineering.
Our Services


Acknowledged in the industry as one of leading architecture consultant company in Indonesia namely awarded as Top Ten Architects by BCI Asia for 10 (ten) consecutive years. Arkonin has a vast experience in providing full services of architecture design on various types of projects, include mixed-uses, offices, high rise residentials, hotels, retail centers, sport facilities and many more.


As a multidiscipline design and engineering firm, our Structure Division has a reliable experience for almost a half-decade to provide construction engineering service for high rise building projects as well as infrastructure projects.

Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing inseparable from construction planning process which we provide alongside with our engineers and experts from each field.

Urban Planning

Our approach in urban design has been proven in various areas, including residentials, commercials, and public spaces. We understand that each space requires unique solutions and our approach is adaptable to accommodate these diverse needs.


We are committed to put our finesses into details, thus Interior Design is an important feature in complimenting architectural design. Interior design plays a critical role in enhancing the functionality and aesthetic appeal of modern architecture. As buildings become more complex, demand for specialized interior services has raised up.

Construction Management

Our service in Construction Management covers visioning for pre-construction phase, construction phase and maintenance phase.


ARKONIN was built to anticipate infrastructure and facilities needs along with the development of Indonesia. The core services consist of three components, namely Clean Water, Waste Water and Waste Management.

Infrastructure & Water Resources

Arkonin has extensive experiences in infrastructure planning, includes: Highways, Roads, Tollroads, Bridges, Drainage Systems, Land Development/Grading Plan, Airports, Railways, Ports, Independent Quality Controls (PMI), etc.

Signature Design

LPS Office at IKN

Type : Office & Facilities Location : Nusantara (IKN)

Presidential Palace & Office at IKN

Type : Presidential Office Location : Nusantara (IKN)

Legislative Complex at IKN

Type : Office & Facilities Location : Nusantara (IKN)

Bintaro Xchange 2

Type : Mixed Use Location : South Tangerang

Iconic Bridge PIK 2

Type : Infrastructure Location : Jakarta

Borobudur City

Type : Masterplan (Hotel, MICE, Office & Apartment) Location : Jakarta

Kota Tua

Type : Masterplan Location : Jakarta
Our People
We have experts who are experienced in each discipline that Arkonin has. Some of the experts have certificate with more than 10 years of experience both from building construction or special buildings such as Airports, LRT/MRT.

Ir. H. Achmad Noerzaman, MM. IAI.

President Director

Ir. Jeffri T. Sibarani, IPU, ACPE, AER.


Ir. Rapindo Hutagalung, MUD.         


Arum Prasasti, ST, M.Ars., MM.


Rachmat Fadhil Afrizal, ST.

Deputy Director of Conceptual Design

Zaky Fiqhurrahman, ST.

Deputy Director of Project Management
and Construction Managements

Ir. Adrian P Tandian

Head of Structure Division

Ir. Henrico Nasroen

Head of Marketing Division

Regi Ginanjar, ST.

Head of Architecture I Division

Nadya Karina S, ST.

Deputy of Architecture I Division

Lestari Budi Hartanti, ST.

Head of Architecture II Division

Irwin Rizaldi,ST, MArs.

Deputy of Architecture II Division

Lianita Irzan, ST.

Head of Conceptual Design Division

Ilda Ismail, ST

Deputy of Mechinal Electrical
& Plumbing Division

Yosveri, ST.

Deputy of Mechanical Electrical
& Plumbing Division

Fakih Kristiaji, ST.

Deputy of Project Management
and Construction Management Division

Marcus Claymant Mahulete, ST.

Coordinator Research & Development

Yoga Herawan, SE.

Head of HR, General Affairs and
Finance Division