After thousands of completed projects, covering millions of square meters, Arkonin has become one of the most respected and influential design and engineering firms in Indonesia. Arkonin’s vast experience includes offices, shopping centers, airports, transportation facilities, hotels, apartments, cultural centers, golf courses, sport and recreation facilities, industrial buildings, new town planning, urban design, as well as roads and bridges, water supply, sewerage and drainage systems, and traffic engineering. As a design and engineering firm, Arkonin provides a full range of services, from planning, design and engineering to construction management services that contribute to all aspects of the building construction program. Arkonin is committed to excellence.
Our Vision

Leading integrated and innovative world-class Design & Engineering solutions for a sustainable future

Our Mission

Create a better urban development and sustainable environment through our expertise, collaboration, and innovations

Our Leaders

In clockwise order : Arum Prasasti, ST, M.Ars., MM (Director), Ir. Jeffri Tony Sibarani, IPU, ACPE, AER (Director), Ir. Achmad Noerzaman, MM, IAI (President Director), Ir. Rapindo Hutagalung, MUD (Director), Ir. Yauw Diaz Moreno (President Commissioner), Ir. Frans S. Sunito (Commissioner), IR. H. Sjaiful Arifin (Commissioner)
Our People
Board of Directors
Achmad Noerzaman is a prominent figure in Indonesian Architecture industry. He graduated from Faculty of Architecture University of Indonesia and Magister Management Institute of Economic Jakarta. He serves as an expert team of Building Advisor (TABG) in Province of DKI Jakarta and also an honorary member of IAI (Institute of Architects Indonesia). He serves as President Director of Arkonin since 2004.

Ir. H. Achmad Noerzaman, MM. IAI.

President Director

Graduated from Electrical Engineering National Technology Science Institute (ISTN) Jakarta, Jeffri Tony Sibarani serves as Director or Arkonin since 2015. He has a vast experience and recognized expertise in Electotechnical engineering as he is honored with Certification expertise in Power Engineering, Electronics and Communication, namely a work permit of Electrical Power, Electronic DKI Jakarta (Izin Pelaku Teknis Bangunan – IPTB). He is also a member of HAEI (Himpunan Ahli Elektro Indonesia/Electrotechnical Association of Indonesia)

Ir. Jeffri T. Sibarani, IPU, ACPE, AER.


Graduated as Master of Urban Design – Architecture from Building and Planning (ABP) Faculty, The University of Melbourne Australia, Rapindo Hutagalung serves as Director of Arkonin since 2022. His 30 years of experience in urban planning, architectural design, and building related businesses GIVES Arkonin a valuable contribution towards comprehensive multidimensional designs. He is also a member of Indonesian Institute of Arshitects (IAI)

Ir. Rapindo Hutagalung, MUD.         


Graduated from Faculty of Architecture Bandung Institute of Technology and Strategic Management of Prasetia Mulya Business School, Arum Prasasti serves as Director of Arkonin since 2024. Previously served as a deputy director of PT. Jaya Real Property, Tbk., her 20 years experience in planning and developing various property developments, namely townships, high rise residentials, and superblocks, gives her the edge to compliment Arkonin’s designs with business practicality perspectives

Arum Prasasti, ST, M.Ars., MM.


Deputy Directors

Rachmat Fadhil Afrizal, ST.

Deputy Director of
Conceptual Design

Zaky Fiqhurrahman, ST.

Deputy Director of
Project Management and
Construction Managements

Head of Divisions
Ir. Adrian P Tandian


Ir. Henrico Nasroen


Regi Ginanjar, ST.

Architecture I

Nadya Karina S, ST.

Deputy of Architecture I

Lestari Budi Hartanti, ST.

Architecture II

Irwin Rizaldi,ST, MArs.

Deputy of Architecture II

Lianita Irzan, ST.

Conceptual Design

Ilda Ismail, ST

Deputy of
Mechinal Electrical
& Plumbing

Yosveri, ST.

Deputy of
Mechanical Electrical
& Plumbing

Fakih Kristiaji, ST.

Deputy of
Project Management
and Construction

Marcus Claymant Mahulete, ST.

Coordinator Research &

Yoga Herawan, SE.

Head Division of HR,
General Affairs and

Organization Holding
Our Achievements

Consecutive Top 10 Architects in Indonesia 2004 – 2023
Competition Winner

First Winner of Design Competition for LPS Office Building IKN (Ibu Kota Nusantara), Awarded by LPS (Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan) and IAI (Indonesian Institute of Architects)
Second Winner of Design Competition for Legislative Office of IKN (Ibu Kota Nusantara), Awarded by Kementrian Perkerjaan Umum dan Perumahan Rakyat and Direkorat Jenderal Cipta Karya
First Winner of Design Competition for Design Competition for Public Space Infrastructure Design of Bundaran HI Jakarta Awarded by the Governor of DKI Jakarta
First Winner of Design Competition for Regional Public Hospital Prambanan Awarded by the Department of Public Works and Housing and IAI (Indonesian Institute of Architects)
First Winner of Design Competition for Benyamin Sueb Park at Jatinegara Heritage Area Awarded by Dinas Pariwisata dan Kebudayaan DKI Jakarta